Subject Re: FB embebded not working on win98
Author lcziulkoski
I have the same problem on Win95, and the solution posted here
doesn't work.

I've installed a "pure" Win95B (version 4.00.950B), upgraded WinSock
and copied msvcp60.dll and it still didn't work.

Only when I installed MDAC 2.5 (and the required DCOM95) it began to
work. That's curios, isn't that?

My problem is: I need to deploy the application with a small setup
(maximum 3Mb) and MDAC and DCOM95 sums 5Mb.

So, if someone could say to me what I really need to use FB embedded
in a just-installed Win95 I'll be very pleased.

P.S: why Winsock? Is there any communication in FB Embedded?

Best Regards,
Luis Claudio

--- In, "mp527" <mp527@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have FB embedded working on any version of Windows 98
> 95?
> It works perfectly for me on 2k and XP, but on win98SE I get:
> "Interbase client GDS32.dll is not installed"
> I have the dll renamed to gds32.dll and it is in the same dir (so
> firbird.conf and messages.conf) as my exe. I even tried moving it
> to a location that is in the path and it still does not work.
> There is nothing mentioned in the readme that it won't work on
> Thanks,
> Tony