Subject Re: [firebird-support] I/O Error
Author Daniel Rail

At August 19, 2003, 20:07, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:

> Daniel,

>> > Where can I find descriptions of the Firebird 1.0 error codes? I am
>> > getting
>> > the following when connecting from Database Workbench.
>> > ISC ERROR CODE: 335544344
>> > I/O Error for file
>> > C:\ticketsoft\data\ticketsoft.gdb
>> > Error while trying to open file. The process cannot access the file
>> > because
>> > it is being used by another process.
>> Also, just to add to Thomas' comments.
>> It can also happen if the database file has a status of off-line and
>> trying to connect to it using another user than SYSDBA or trying to
>> do a second connection with SYSDBA. I've encountered this scenario
>> just last week. You can fix this by changing the status to on-line,
>> to do this you can use GFIX, and maybe Database Workbench has the
>> option as well.

> Are you sure? You should get something like:

> ISC ERROR CODE: 335544528

> database ... shutdown

> Are does this happen when shutting down a database is still in
> progress?

It's probable that the error you mention occurs when trying to connect
with another user than SYSDBA(so my statement might be partially
wrong). Because after putting the database off-line, I was still able
to connect with SYSDBA, but when trying to make a second concurrent
connection with SYSDBA, I got the error Brent reported.

I know, it can be misleading, confusing and erroneous.

But, I'm not dismissing you explanations to Brent, since they are
valid, and might be Brent's cause to the problem.

And, BTW, I'm using FB 1.5 RC5, and I'm not sure if there is a change
in handling this situation.

Best regards,
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