Subject Re: pumping very large records (30 megs!)
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I've think about that too.

But it means, for me, a game of ping pong between the consultant for
our telecom setup, Bell for the transport, theplace that sold us the
servers, and no doupt an endless game of finger pointing. I can
already hear that "the datalink have been working fine for a
year", "we have no complaints about the network fiability", "both
servers have been in place and working fine for almost a year with no
glitch", ect

the fact that the connection is "reset by peer" (the firebird server)
would indicate to me that firebird have some kind of problems
accepting large amout of data over a long period of time. A single
record will take about 15 to 20 minutes to send, and there is maybe
something that times out because of a long transactions. I think
that only the guys that work with the code could tell us if it is at
least possible.


--- In, Alan McDonald <alan@m...>
> > Humm...
> >
> > Sorry to tell you that the ZEBEDEE solution just have been tried
> > failed.
> >
> > After a few setup trials, I managed to send 2 records! but it
> > crashed during the transfert of the 3rd one, still with the same
> > errors (10054/10061).
> >
> I have to say it again - if I were getting 10054 errors I would go
> to hardware as my culprit.
> Alan