Subject Re: [firebird-support] Replicator status?
Author Paul Beach
<<I'm looking for a replication tool for FB 1.5. I see on the IBPhoenix
website that IBReplicator is available for FB 1.0x/IB6. Is this compatible
with FB1.5?>>

It should be, but we haven't done any serious testing yet.....

<<Also, the latest beta is 1.41 from December 2002. Is this product being
actively developed?>>

Yes, but IBPhoenix only received the source code from the original developers
a couple of months ago, we have been working on CVS trees and build
procedures and now have actively started fixing some bugs. We plan to release an
updated version in the very near future.

<<I also see Fibre, but it is early beta. I need something stable now, and
am willing to pay for it <g>.>>

IBReplicator is probably the most stable you are going to get, and we do fix
and support customers :-)