Subject Re: [firebird-support] installation - configuration ; troubles : various / newbie :!
Author Frank Schlottmann-goedde
On Thursday 14 August 2003 17:42, mikaelderrien wrote:

> i've installed firebird super server 1.5 RC4 on a suse 8.2 and it

Using classic server would have saved you several hours :-)

> runs quite well
> but i've got several issues.
> first of all, i had to make some changes in, here is
> my version :

As you already noticed, these scripts were made for RedHat type systems

> (i verified the file hosts.equiv, and are
> written in) ; then :
> $FIREBIRD/bin # ./gsec {ENTER}
> connection rejected by remote interface
> unable to open database
> $FIREBIRD/bin # ./isql {ENTER}
> statement failed

echo localhost >> /etc/hosts.equiv
may solve this.

> - why is there several (at least three) processes of fbserver
> running at the same time ?

ps is showing threads as processes.
So don't mind

> - what is nagle algorithm ?

check /usr/src/linux/include/tcp.h for
Nagle and/or TCP_NODELAY

> - what's the use of backward compatible parameter ordering ?

You doesn't want to know this if you start with firebird :-)

> FBGUARD : what is 'signore' ? what is 'onetime' ?

signore is obsolete now, check ChangeLog in the 1.0 tree,
onetime is just start and forget about it (don't restart it after a crash)
forever means start and watch it
start should be the same as onetime.

> "firebird is the path path to coffee
> coffee is the path to never sleep
> never sleep is the path to madness"

Drink tea instead and use the classic version :-)


"Fascinating creatures, phoenixes, they can carry immensely heavy loads,
their tears have healing powers and they make highly faithful pets."
- J.K. Rowling