Subject Re: Procedure Help
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Thomas Miller <tmiller@b...>
> Because I want the first update to succeed regardless of what
happens in
> steps b and c.

If so, you definetely should to read chapter I mentioned :) Pay
attention to influence of Suspend too. You can save result of all
successfull statements within SP by committing it as whole statement
if you properly for this purpose use exception handling within this
SP. You can't rollback part of successfull statements made within SP.
Not the same syntax as in Oracle, yes. FB is not Oracle, not MSSQL,
not... And each of them is not others too.

> I use procedures in Oracle to massage data all the
> and do it on millions of record. So I will commit the changes every
> records. Hopefully this will make it into v2.0.

No problem, it was in IB always and in FB now too. Internal
savepoints which are controlled by WHEN ... DO, begin ... end and

Best regards, Alexander.