Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help with Duplicate check algorithm
Author Raymond Kennington
Don Gollahon wrote:
> Currently we do a lookup before inserting each record. If there is another
> call that matches date, time, from and to #s then we compare several other
> fields. If any of them are different then we count it as a new call
> otherwise we mark it as a dup. The locate (query) slows processing down
> very much since there can be millions of calls. Inserts are at 16 records
> per second with dup check on. It is at 50 to 80 recs per second with dup
> check off.
> ...
> Any ideas or comments on this would be appreciated.
> Delphi 5 pro, FB 1.5, Windows 2000 servers.

A before insert trigger would be faster.
Raymond Kennington
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