Subject Re: [firebird-support] initial connection taking too long
Author Florian Hector

> Firebird version
> on a WinXP Pro
> [....]
> I am not sure this problem is a firebird issue. On the Win98
> machines, it takes significantly longer than it should to make the
> connection. On the Win2K machines, its faster, but not as quick as
> it could be.

Apart from the problem with the difference between W2K and Win98, it is
likely you have been bitten by the new XP feature system file recovery.
XP will make a backup of every system file when it's first touched. The
decision whether or not a file is a system file is based upon it's
extension, *.gdb is one of them.
You can do a few things about that:
Find the hidden file FileList.xml in C:\WINDOWS\system32\Restore and delete
the line <REC>GDB</REC> so that GDB file are not included in system file
recovery anymore.
Switch that feature off altogether for the partition where the file resides
Rename your database to say *.fdb