Subject Re: Primary key names change from FB1.0 to FB1.5
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "sboydlns" <sboydlns@y...>
> I certainly don't use PLAN clauses on every query
> but when I use them I NEED THEM.

I'm with you on this point. But, knowing that to use IB system
indices in plans is risky, I went another way long ago - created
general indices I need for plans. Some of them were duplicates of PKs,
some - composites from FKs and other columns, useful for my typical
queries. Now, having opportunity to name system indices, I can drop
part of such an indices, this is one-time additional work when
migrating which in general make life easier for me and my server.

> As for using FB1.5 specific features like naming the indices in the
> constraint clause that still causes me a problem because my app has
> continue to work for customers that are running older versions of
> Interbase so this is not an option.

Why? Create new instance of database for clients who will use FB1.5
from script which name indices exactly as it was in old one and pupm
data. One-time effort on migration.

> And before you suggest it, some
> of them can't upgrade because they are running an OS that Firebird
> longer supports, like SCO and AIX.

It's Open Source :) If you are interested in this ports, why not to
make it youself or hire somebody?

Best regards, Alexander.