Subject Re: Primary key names change from FB1.0 to FB1.5
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "sboydlns" <sboydlns@y...>
> In their infinite wisdom the FB developers seem to have decided to
> change the way the indices generated for primary key constraints are
> named.

Very wise decision, in fact.

> It used to be that they were named RDB$PRIMARYnn which was a
> pain in the butt, but if you were careful about the way you
> the database each constraint always got the same index name.

Not if you need time to time drop and re-create constraints.

> It now
> appears that the index name of the primary key constraint is the
> as the name of the constraint.

Yes, by default.

> I use the primary key names in PLAN clauses in my stored procedures.
And this decision significantly simplified usage of explicit plans
in queries.

> Obviously, these SPs will no longer compile under FB1.5.
> Before I start tearing my hair out building a way to massage the DDL
> to allow it to work for Interbase, Firebird < 1.5 and Firebird >=
> Is there some compatibility option that will suppress this new

You could much better spent your time reading WhatsNew and Release
Notes draft. Doing this you could name indices for constraint as you

Best regards, Alexander.