Subject Re: [firebird-support] Primary key names change from FB1.0 to FB1.5
Author Martijn Tonies
Dear whatever-your-name-is,

> In their infinite wisdom the FB developers seem to have decided to
> change the way the indices generated for primary key constraints are
> named. It used to be that they were named RDB$PRIMARYnn which was a
> pain in the butt, but if you were careful about the way you generated
> the database each constraint always got the same index name. It now
> appears that the index name of the primary key constraint is the same
> as the name of the constraint. This is arguably the way it should
> have been all along but it breaks my application. I use the primary
> key names in PLAN clauses in my stored procedures. Obviously, these
> SPs will no longer compile under FB1.5.

This is EXACTLY the reason why you should NOT use a PLAN

Why not test your procedures with Fb1.5 - which has several optimizer
improvements - to see if you need to adjust the plan at all.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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