Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 post file error
Author Daniel Rail

At August 8, 2003, 11:41, Richard wrote:

> I'm sorry, no!
> The man haven't made a print screen and haven't wrote down the error
> message.
> He said it sounds like "post file error". I dont know such an error
> in my programm/source, because all our errors/messages are in german,
> one exception is firebird. So i thought it comes from there and there
> were some mixup in the database.

I never heard of that error before, and it doesn't seem to be listed
in the messages generated by Firebird. The error might be generated
by you connectivity components.

> The first step i've done was to look at firebird.log, but the last
> entry was, that gardian started the server a few days before.

> So if nobody knows somthing about the error i've to wait for the next
> crash (if any).

If possible when it happens again, get the error number(and exact
message if possible) and what was being performed at that moment. That
would give a better indication as to what is happening.

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