Subject Re: Procedure Problem, Div By 0
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
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> Alexander, I apologize for doing this to you, I am having problems
> finding info on doing what you talked about.
> First: my lowest value is set in my code of 0.001 therefore anything
> Greater than or equal to 0.001 is not equal to 0, right?

More cautious will be 0.0001 - if 0.001 is lowest significant value,
it can be stored as 0.0009(9)

> I have not found any info on where to place the code you sent me,
> does this look right? This code will not run, it gives me a column
> name error.

Outside SQL statement you should use not table columns but variables
into which values of this columns are fetched, i.e. not

if ((ENH.TestedValue >= 0.001 ) and (ENL.TestedValue >= 0.001))


if ((EHTestedVal >= 0.001 ) and (ELTestedVal >= 0.001))

> PS. Any good book ideas on using sql with ib or fb would be great.

IB6 docs are first step :) There are links to download on On this particular subject look Procedures and
Triggers chapter in LangRef and corresponding chapters in DataDef.

Best regards, Alexander.