Subject Re: Procedure Problem, Div By 0
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "andyh20012003"
<andyholcomb@c...> wrote:
> > BTW, seems your TestedValue is Double Precision, and compare it
> with
> > 0 is incorrect, I recommend to use as precision value which can be
> > treated as zero for your application, like
> >
> > if ((Abs(EHTestedVal)>PrecVal) And (Abs(ELTestedVal)>PrecVal))
> This happened when I copied the tables from the paradox tables,
> would I be better off changing them to float?

It will be worse, because precision of float is less. This is
related to any floating point types in any language.

> > or use BETWEEN -PrecVal And PrecVal.
> Can you give me a example of this, Please

if ((EHTestedVal Between -1e-06 And 1e-06) And
(ELTestedVal Between -1e-06 And 1e-06)

Best regards, Alexander.