Subject Re: Posting via Atkins news-server
Author ez_bikbon
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> > I very much prefer to use a newsreader to read and write messages,
> > rather than the ad-ridden web interface.
> I don't ;) so we have a choice. I don't use the web
> interface, just eMail which with TEXT ONLY messages has no
> advertising.

Unfortunately my email client doesn't support thread view so it's hard
to follow discussions. I can't switch to another client because the
one I'm using provides Hebrew support which I need. I guess I'll have
to take Mozilla Mail for a multi-lingual ride...

> If you just eMail a message to yahoo it's appearing? Just to
> check that the eMail address is working?

Yes, I tried with other groups and just to make sure a minute ago I
emailed the list and the message was received to the list. Still not
working through Atkins though.

Is anyone using Atkins to post to the support list? If yes then what
are the settings?