Subject Re: Collations (was: Which Character Set and Collate Order to use for Croatian l
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Ales,

--- In, Ales Smodis wrote:

> I am interested primarily in Firebird 1.5 so yes, I'd need the
> additional info if the collations for 1.0 and 1.5 differ in
> implementation.

If I remember right, it was 'only' a question of calling conventions,
name mangling and DLL name. I wanted to wait for 1.5rel before
looking again at this stuff, in case something changes.

> I am just starting to get
> familiar with the Firebird internals [...]

Fortunately, charset and collation support
someone are only semi-internal, as they are delegated
to a DLL, so it's an easy start at Firebird hacking here.

Unfortunately I have a feeling, that there are some small
changes to be made in Firebird proper, to get a perfect

> > The big task is defining the collations - I'm wondering if
> > it is legal to 'steal' them from Java or the GNU C RTL, as both
> > seem to implement a large deal of them.
> To 'steal' the ideas yes, they almost certainly aren't patented, but to
> copy&paste sections of code could be problematic as I'm not sure
> the licenses are compatible.

Not copy+paste, you would generate the tables as the output of
a Java or C program - but there may be arguments that this is
reverse-engineering tables that exist in the source of the libs.

> As far as I can see, getting information about collations
> ("repertoires", uppercasing, sort order) shouldn't be that difficult
> with this huge thing called Internet. :]

Ho, hum! Challenge accepted. Do have a link? I'm generally good
at googling around, but still have to find something concrete about

So give me a link about Croation sort order if you find one.
An english translation would be fine, too, if the page is in

Peter Jacobi