Subject Re: Which CHARSET to use?
Author Lou

Thanks for the responses on charset selection. I thought I was
asking a simple question, but with the many different charsets
available, I just wanted to pick the best universal charset. I
guess I am sticking with NONE for my current apps and perhaps will
use WIN1252 if my application that will have users outside the US.


--- In, Paul Schmidt
<wogsterca@y...> wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:27, Lou wrote:
> > Help!
> >
> > I need to standardize on one charset when using Firebird/IB. I
> > to use NONE, but I am thinking I need to pick something that I
can at
> > least user anywhere in the western hemisphere. So, should I
> > with ASCII or perhaps be daring and choose Win1250 or Win1251 or
> > Win1252? My apps for the most part run in the US only.
> Applications for North America, should really support the three
> American official languages, English, French and Spanish. The
> hemisphere adds Portuguese to the mix.
> I'll leave it for one of our Brazilian friends to tell us if there
> extra characters to support Portuguese that are not supported
already by
> English, French and Spanish.
> Paul