Subject RE: [firebird-support] XML Import/Export
Author Louis Kleiman
I have done some things for specific cases using Delphi and the XML
capabilities of TClientDataSet. Works great, but, unfortunately, I
can't let you have it.

I wasn't writing to wave that in your face, though. The XML
capabilities built-in to Delphi make certain things pretty darn easy.

Louis Kleiman


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Subject: [firebird-support] XML Import/Export

Anyone working on XML import/export tools for Firebird?

It'd be a handy thing for migrating between databases...

Any tips/tricks for someone willing to build one?

Nigel Weeks
15 Wellington St. Launceston Tas 7250
Ph. 61 3 6334 6664
Fax. 61 3 6331 7032
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