Subject Re: Windows 2000 SP4 and Firebird 1.0 events
Author Steve Rice
--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer"
<ts@i...> wrote:
> > > Has anybody tried Firebird 1.5 with Win2K SP4?
> > Yes, now I'm using on Win2K Server FireBird 1.5, and install
> > Everything ok.Procedures, Generators,Functions and etc working
well. And
> > ODBC driver after SP4 working much faster.
> And, are you using Firebird events?

I should clairfy that our application and other applications all
worked fine on the Windows 2000 SP4 configuration EXCEPT Firebird
events. I might expect that if Firebird events aren't used in a
particular application, there should be no problems with Windows
2000 SP.