Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.03 and PIV 3Ghz
Author Tiberiu Atudorei
Patrick Pellizzari wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just installed my new PIV 3.0Ghz.
> The new technology of the PIV 3Ghz makes it possible to see this PIV like 2 procs (like Xeon)...
> With Firebird 1.03, considering which it has a parameter which makes it possible to tell it on which proc it must work, I make some tests.....
> Result of the tests:
> On a request which take 2,8S on the PIV 3Ghz :
> On a PIV 2.5 Ghz
> 1 user = 3,079s
> 3 users = 5,578s 5,172s 5,953s
> On a PIV 3.0Gh without modifying the IB config
> 1 user = 2,813s
> 3 users = 3,313s 3,609s 5,062s
> On a PIV 3.0Gh with CPU_AFFINITY 3
> 1 user = 2,859s
> 3 users = 3,187s 5,359s 5,703s

because maybe the query is not CPU-limited.
The weakest link of the chain...i think is not your CPU.
Like memory...either CPU internal cache (512K is not
very much..and is used in you can consider
it as a dual 256 k but with worst performance)..
or external (512M? ..1GB?).
Or maybe your storage system. How is your tunning?
How fast are your HDDs?
You know, brand name servers are made with dual-quad Xeon,
not HT 'dual-wanna-be' CPU's. And with 1MB or 2MB cache..and
they cost a little fortune. HT is a marketing-hook, really.
Don't expect very much from it. Even with a dual-CPU system
the real gain is 25-30-35%.
The smart move would be in more memory for your system. You
can even make some sort of ram-disk, or let the SO to deal with