Subject Re: [firebird-support] Locks while running C# code
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:43 PM 31/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I'm facing a problem while executing more than 1 simultaneous queries thru
>C# code.
>I'm calling 2 select stored procedures from my C# code. All the
>boiler-plate code is in a class having static methods. That is, opening of
>connetction, beginning transaction, making parameters & command objects.
>After query execution, I'm committing the txn, and closing the connection.

That sounds horribly inefficient.

>The problem is that both call are asynchronous, it can extend up to more
>than 2 calls as well.

Not sure quite what this means.

>Which ever of the call executes first, it fetches the data, the other one

Is your application running on the same machine as the server and are you
trying to make your connections via Windows local connect?

> I don't know to handle up with this situation. The isolation level I'm
> setting to ReadUncommitted,

Firebird doesn't support ReadUncommitted.

>just in case it requires,
>however both of queries fetches data from different tables.

Everything you do in Firebird requires a transaction, regardless of whether
queries are operating on same or different tables.

>I'm not able to figure out what else should be done, apart from committing

Until you give details of your network setup, connection parameters, etc.,
it's pretty unlikely anyone else could figure it out, either. You'll
probably find more useful help with your C# startup procedure by asking in
the firebird-vb or the .NETProvider channels...this channel here is the
database support channel.

>Please help me in making out this code working. All of the stored
>procedures are individually working fine.

Once you get your connectivity sorted out, you're going to need to
understand a bit about transactions...