Subject Re: [firebird-support] Creating INDEXes on a VIEW
Author Martijn Tonies

> > > 1) use an ORDER BY clause in the view definition, and
> > > 2) define a new view for each different way of collating
> > > the information required by the view?
> >
> > Although valid, I would not include include an ORDER BY in a VIEW
> > definition.
> We would need to be able to use some form of indexing on the result set

Indexing on the resultset? Aren't you confusing Paradox/dBase with

If you want an ordered resultset from a C/S system, use the SQL ORDER
BY clause. An index - by the database engine - is used for looking up
rows to be returned for a resultset, not for ordering.

> it an ORDER BY in the view definition or indexing the underlying tables)
> order to retrieve data indexed in a certain way.

I think you mean "to retrieve data ordered in a certain way", right?

> Why would you not include an ORDER BY in a VIEW definition?

You can't ORDER BY in a VIEW definition.

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