Subject Re: Windows 2000 SP4 and Firebird 1.0 events
Author Steve Rice
--- In, "Steve Rice" <srice@p...>
> I have a report from a customer that has Windows 2000 Server with
> SP3 and clients with Windows 2000 Pro SP4 that the Firebird events
> are not being seen by the clients. All works on the single if
> run our application locally on the Windows 2000 Server or if they
> set up one of the Windows 2000 Pro clients as a server, but
> of either server are not picking up the events.
> The application is written with Delphi 6, IBX 5.03, and Firebird
> 1.0. This application is running at many sites successfully.
> Any information regarding others either success or failure with
> Firebird events in this environment will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Steve

Sorry...I met IBX 6.03.