Subject Re: IBGuard/IBServer taking a long time to start
Author mk_delphi
IB/FB Version,
Windows version,
Memory on board,
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Marco Kregar

--- In, Joe Martinez <joe@j...>
> I have a couple customers that are having problems with it taking a
> time for IBGuard (and thus IBServer) to start at boot time. I'm
> about like 3-5 minutes after Windows appears to have finished
booting. If
> they try to start my app once Windows finishes booting, they get the
> "Unavailable Database" message if they haven't waited long enough.
If they
> bring up the Windows task manager once Windows has finished
booting, they
> can see IBGuard and IBServer start several minutes later.
> I don't know much about the Windows boot process, and service
starting, but
> it seems like something must be getting delayed that's preventing
> from starting until it's done. Has anyone else run into this
> problem? Anything that I can look for?
> Thanks,
> Joe