Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems loading a UDF library that uses ib_util
Author Nando Dessena
I wrote:

N> I am developing an UDF library in Delphi; as soon as I statically link
N> ib_util.dll Firebird (tried with 1.0 and 1.5) stops loading my library
N> when I call the functions.
N> FileMon shows that both my library and ib_util.dll are loaded by
N> fbserver.exe, and I have verified with LoadLibrary() that my library
N> can actually be loaded dynamically.
N> Nonetheless Firebird keeps telling that the module or the entry point
N> is not found.

N> If I break the link between my library and ib_util.dll (and use
N> AllocMem instead of IB_UTIL_malloc) the functions start to work but I
N> expect this setup to cause memory leak so of course it's not an option.

N> I have seen in the past messages that there can be problems with
N> Win98, but I am under WinXP Pro. What am I missing?

is this such an unusual problem?

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