Subject RE: [firebird-support] MAX
Author Helen Borrie

At 03:57 PM 29/07/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Hmmm.....and in 1.0 the UDF's are not automatically loaded so I have to
>use a script to load them all into the system?

UDFs are never "automatically loaded". You declare the ones you want, **to the database**, i.e. it's database-level, not server-level.

You should find the scripts (ib_udf.sql and fbudf.sql) in the /UDF directory, or in the /sample directory, depending on which build you have. Just open the required script in a text editor, copy the declaration for the UDF you want, paste it into your admin tool (which is connected to your database) and run it.

You can declare one UDF at a time through a DSQL interface (like the DSQL tab in IB_SQL, for example); or you can use a script tool to paste in multiple declarations and run all the declarations you need in one script. Script is better because, if you ever have to recreate your database, you have the needed decs there without having to go back to square one.

If your distro doesn't happen to have the SQL scripts, you can download them from the CVS tree, here:
(go back one branch to get the ib_udf one...) Hint: If you use the downloads on Windoze, use Wordpad to open them (Notepad loses the linebreaks).