Subject Re: gfix syntax
Author skotaylor
--- In, richard@t... wrote:
> Helen,
> Thanks. I have this working now.
> I'd not realized that sysdba can still do everything even with a
> shut-down database.

Maybe gfix needs a -nos[ysdba] switch. ;)

> > The idea of shutdown is to give the SYSDBA or owner exclusive
access for a
> > period of time. Shutdown doesn't prevent you or anyone else from
logging in
> > once the timeout period is finished.
> The behaviour doesn't seem exactly as you describe.
> # ../bin/gfix -sh -at 10 -user sysdba -password masterkey
> employee.gdb

According to the OpGuide (reading between the lines) you should be
reading that as "Shutdown, attach again after 10 seconds". It must be
some kind of old IB developer slang. =P