Subject Re: gfix syntax
Author skotaylor
--- In, richard@t... wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using FB 1 SS on Linux.
> I cant get gfix to work. Could anyone tell me the correct syntax to
> shut down a database?
> I've tried:
> # cd /opt/interbase/examples
> # ../bin/gfix -sh -at 10 -user sysdba -password masterkey
> employee.gdb

That would only shut it down for ten seconds, from what the docs say,
but I agree, doesn't seem to do anything anyway. However, set the
mode to read_only works well. When you are done' set it back.

If you want to stop connections all together, '/etc/init.d/firebird stop'
then block tcp port 3050 from all but localhost. Restart firebird and
it's all yours.

to see what firebird connections are set, 'netstat -t|grep gds'

To see if firebird is running 'ps -ef|grep ib'
or less info with '/etc/init.d/firebird status'