Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] Firebird cache
Author Alexander Tabakov
Hello Helen,

>One that's about 125% of the size of the largest row structure that is
>accessed frequently, or about 125% of a clean multiple of the largest row
>structure (counting the size of the blob-id but not the size of the actual
>blobs). Avoid very large varchars (use blobs instead) since the maximum
>size of a page is 16 Kb, and you want to minimise the number of page reads.

Does it mean that if I have a frequently accessed table with:

5 NUMERIC(18,0)

My row structure will be: 5*64 + 3*64 + 20*1 = 212 bytes * 125 % = 265
bytes meaning that a page size of 1024 bytes will be perfectly OK.

Did I get you right?

Best regards,
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