Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird- on Windows 2003 Server
Author Daniel Rail

At July 25, 2003, 10:29, obrockmann wrote:

> We had a firebird server running smoothly on a windows 2000 server
> machine with 2 xeon cpus. this machine was upgraded to windows 2003.
> however the time it takes to attach to a database has increased by a
> factor of 3 and has become unstandable for the users.
> I cannot find the reason for this behaviour. On Win XP Prof. there
> is a feature called "automatic system recovery" which can cause a
> database file to be copied to a backup-location before the database
> is attached - which can consume quite some time. I could not find
> a mechanism similar to this on windows 2003 or am I missing something?
> Or is the behaviour related to something else?

First step is to change the extension from .gdb to .fdb. But,
Firebird's security database is still .gdb and that can cause some of
the problems. And, I think someone found something else that can
cause the delay, but I don't think it was something you could
deactivate in Windows.

Anyway, Firebird 1.5 seems to run rather smoothly on Win2003(you still
need to change the extension). There are remaining issues with
multi-CPU and hyperthreading with the Superserver version, which
should be taken care of in FB 2.

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