Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FireBird CS locking on FreeBSD?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:45 PM 25/07/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>I still can't reproduce the original problem.

I can't *exactly* reproduce the original problem, but I can reproduce a
more peculiar one...

>I have just removed the SS version and installed FirebirdCS-
>and can successfully, as root, connect to the same db with 2 different
>isql sessions
>and in this case without even supplying a username/password.

Logged in as root, right? I've just installed the 1.5 RC 4 Classic and,
logged in as root, can start multiple instances of isql, attached to the
same database.

I can't log in as sysdba locally *at all*. The message seems wrong,
too. "lock conflict on no wait transaction. -no permission for read-write
access to database /data/sample/leisurestore.fdb"

I can log in via the network as sysdba though, both by accessing localhost
locally and via the servername from other clients in the network. Hmmm. I
wonder if this has something to do with the security changes that Alex did...

It's probably not productive to keep comparing notes between 1.0.2 CS and
1.5 RC 4, as so much has changed since 1.0.2. Still, I do need to get at
some right answers. Better I do that on fb-devel though.