Subject Re: [firebird-support] Field for BarCode
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:15 AM 25/07/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi there.
>I am nearing the end of the primary development of my app. Testing
>will begin in about a month or so.
>In the future, I would like to add a barcode scan ability to my app.
>I will be setting all of this up in a later release, but I would like
>to have the table structure ready now, for when I do this later.
>I'm gathering I will be using a BLOB field (sub_type binary)
>Can anyone give me any relevant pointers on storing barcode data?
>Is this field all thats needed, as far as FB is concerned, to store
>this kind of data?
>Is there anything tricky needed for this blob field? Do I need a
>filter of any kind?

What would be the purpose of storing it in a blob? Barcodes are formed
from alphanumeric strings - some symbologies are all-number, while others
can include certain characters like spaces, hyphens, etc. Normally you
would use a CHAR() of set length, although for some symbologies you need a
varchar because part of the code could be user-defined and/or variable-length.

If you are using multi-dimensional barcodes, you can use an array.