Subject Re: Database compress/purge
Author skotaylor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 01:28 AM 24/07/2003 -0700, Scott Taylor wrote:
> >Paul Schmidt said:
> >
> >
> > > First time you restore, when it finds a NULL it will explode faster
> > > then a Ford Pinto rear-ended by a Mack sized truck.
> Scott Taylor wrote:
> >Not so, everything else is restored, only the records that have errors
> >will not restore as would be with any RDBMS. Nothing has blown up,
> >the RDBMS has done exactly as you asked it: do not allow records in
> >this table that have field X as null.
> Uh-huh - so you've tried this, have you?

Of course. I always test my theories in a controlled scientific
environment of course. ;)

> > > 99% of the time a restore fails this is the reason why.
> >
> >Therefore 99% of DB failures are do to user stupidity? That I can
> >believe.
> No, developer stupidity. It's really very hard for users - even stupid
> ones - to corrupt a database. It's axiomatic that a DBMS will find and
> punish stupid developers.

True. But it wasn't the developer that messed with the
RDB$Relation_Fields.RDB$Null_Flag to break it. That's kinda like
blaming God for giving us the freadom to do what we will.


Reminds me of a limerick:

There once was a lass from Cape Cod,
who thought all children came from God.
But it wasn't the Almighty,
that lifted her nighty.
It was Roger the Lodger,
the sod!

2AM does this to me.