Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use Aliases?
Author Mark Patterson
Helen Borrie wrote:

> Just restart the firebird server.
> Running as an application - whatever it takes to stop and start an
> application in XP, e.g. use Task Manager to stop it and then double-click
> on a shortcut or the exe file entry in Explorer to start up again.

Thanks for the help. I am running it as an application, so that I can see it in
the system tray.

But, that suggestion doesn't seem to work. I can stop it in Task Manager no
probs, but trying to start fbguard or fbserver from Explorer seems to have no
effect. I can start FB from the Control Panel Firebird Service Manager, without

I think I saw a letter on this group that lets you run them from the command
line with a parameter that has the desired effect.