Subject Re: [firebird-support] SQL Question
Author Scott Taylor
At 08:15 07/22/03, you wrote:

> >
> >Because you have two separate joins to TANKS: T.Number and T.Grade
> >
> >Maybe if you show the table source (stripped for content of course) and
> >attempt to explain what you are trying to accomplish. I have an idea what
> >you are trying to do but I'm not very good at reading minds so I might be
> >wrong. ;)
> >
> >When designing the database, T.TankID->N.TankID, and T.GradeID->G.GradeID,
> >may have made your life much simpler (hindsight)
> >
>grr grr grr - it's an inherited DB. Otherwise I would have done it

Yeah, I hear you, I run into the same grief.

>It is exactly because there are two joins. :-( But it is as
>you have written : T.TankID->N.TankID, and T.GradeID->G.GradeID

Sure, just named funny. I don't envy you.

>Never mind, I have worked around it in the code.

There must be a fix for your query, nothing I hate worse than hard-coding a
fix that should be done at the query level. :(