Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use Aliases?
Author Mark Patterson
Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Is there some documentation on how to set up and connect to databases using
>>Firebird Aliases?
> It's briefly documented in WhatsNew.txt. That's about all there is to it.
> 1. Open aliases.conf and make entries like:
> db1 = c:\data\MyBelovedDb.fdb
> db2 = /opt/databases/penguindb.fdb
> ... and so on.
> In your connection string, replace the path element of the string with the
> alias name, e.g.
> regular connection strings:
> winserver:c:\data\MyBelovedDb.fdb
> linserver:/opt/databases/penguindb.fdb
> become
> winserver:db1
> linserver:db2
> You need to restart the server to have the aliases take effect.

Thanks for pointing that out. That's a useful feature, which should simplify our

Do you need to reboot the machine, or just shutdown and restart firebird? If so,
what is the proecdure for restarting firebird under XP?