Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Setting VARCHAR length in a FB UDF
Author Ivan Prenosil

Any progress ? Have you already succeeded with returning VARCHARS from UDF ?


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Setting VARCHAR length in a FB UDF

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> > IMHO, it's much easier to use CSTRING type for the UDF arguments instead of
> > VARCHAR. Just use C-style (zero-terminated) strings and forget about all
> > your issues.
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> > Dmitry
> Sorry, in my case, I can't use C strings. I have an application that
> I'm trying to port from Oracle to FB. Most tables have at least a few
> columns of data type "RAW". This is roughly the same as a VARCHAR but
> contains binary data. These columns are typlically small (6 bytes
> fixed length) but can get up to 128 bytes.
> Anyway, I'm trying to write UDFs that will emulate Oracle's hextoraw()
> and rawtohex() builtin functions used to store and retrieve binary
> values from RAW columns. The return value from my hextoraw is a
> VARCHAR of CHARACTER SET OCTETS and can contain zeros as valid data.
> So, a C string will not do the job.