Subject Re: Modify Primary key
Author skotaylor
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> you don't ned exclusive access - the only thing which needs a
special access
> (not exclusive but primary connection) is validation.

Hmm... I just attempted the same thing on a copy of the database, with
only this one connection and it just worked. Maybe I'll try again
when there is nobody on line, and I can have the "primary connection".

> There are so many ways to do this without fooling around with system

I never metadata I didn't want to fool around with. =P

> What tool(s) are you using - most of the good ones do all this for
> you with a point and click method

Mostly, I point my fingers at the keyboard and click away with
/opt/interbase/bin/isql ...
Sometimes Jason W's IB_WISQL thingy which is fun for digging through
system tables. ;)

What are the "most of the good ones"?