Subject Re: Firebird Server Memory is Increasing
Author Chooi-Ting
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> Chooi-Ting,
> At 11:18 AM 16/07/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >How to resolve firebird server memory ? it is increasing and never
> >drop, though the increase number of not much, eg. from 23040 to
> >23496 in few hours time.
> Please explain what you think is a problem. What needs "resolving"?
> Also tell us what server version and architecture is running,
> what clients are attached, what the clients are doing.
> Tell us the size of your database cache, database page_size, and
> else that might be of interest.
> heLen


Server Version : firebird 1.0
architecture: how to check ?
platform : Sun Solaris 2.8
# of client attached: <10
Action: insert/update/delete
size of database cache : is it same as allocated db pages? if yes, it
is 37980
database page_size : 8192

RAM reading now is 23928 (the reading that i captured yesterday is

it is a problem if the memory keep increasing as I am afraid one day
it will use all memory in the machine, that will cause the entire
system hang. Unexpected server down is unacceptable to our client.

rgds, chooi ting