Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange initial startup behavior
Author Carlos H. Cantu
You are running on WinXP so you must :

1) Rename the database extension to .fdb (or anything else) instead of .gdb
2) Disable system backup of WinXP

The delay is caused because at the first connection, Windows start
doing an auto-backup of the gdb file. For some reason uncle Bill has
decided that any .gdb is a very important file and so should be backed
up everytime :P


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DT> Hi !

DT> I have a Java-based client-server document-management system running on
DT> an firebird database.
DT> Everything worx fine!
DT> It stores all data in a huge single gdb, including binary Data.

DT> I have converted it into a one tier application for win32 and experience
DT> performance Problems during the first requests.
DT> ( and java-startup-time is long enough )

DT> I think this is no java-based Problem, after restart of the app+firebird
DT> everything is quite fast. But after reboot under XP;

DT> On first startup after booting when calling something like

DT> final DatabaseMetaData meta = db.getMetaData();
DT> final ResultSet rs = meta.getTables(null, null, "%", new String[]
DT> {"TABLE"});

DT> needs about 75 (!) seconds on a 180MB File. The Harddrive is working
DT> heavy during this time.

DT> I removed the code because I don't need it really, and now the 75
DT> seconds are needed later. Seems that firebird needs to scan the complete
DT> file .

DT> What is going on there ? It's only the first time after booting. Once you
DT> have done it, it's done in less than a second.

DT> On top of firebird for linux it only takes about 4 seconds. ( same
DT> machine on same gdb-file on same fat32 Partition )
DT> But thats no solution for my Win32-Application-problem .

DT> Any ideas how 2 avoid this initial startup procedure/file scan ?

DT> I tried FB 1.02, 1.03, 1.5 with interclient,JBird and jre1.4.2,1.4.1
DT> .... always the same result. Tests are annoying when you always have to
DT> reboot

DT> I tried to perfom a sweep in IBConsole and I switched to "forced
DT> writes"(even if I don't know what it means). Seems to have no effect.

DT> Is there a way to perform this scan on System-start ?

DT> ???

DT> <orx />

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