Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Linux versions supported?
Author Richard Pendered

I am currently running Kylix 3 and FB 1.5 rc3 Super Server on Mnadrake 9.1
with no problems at all.
All the Kylix 3 install worked first time, as did the FB1.5 rpm.


Rich P...

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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Linux versions supported?


Personally, I couldn't live without apt-get / dselect, that's one of
the reasons I stick to Debian. I installed (and run) all versions of
Firebird 1.0 without any problem.

Nor did I experience any problem installing Firebird 1.5 RC4 Classic
server on Debian: download, tar xvfz, ./install: that'it.

About Kylix: in your situation, I think I would prefer to use QT, with
some appropriate library of C++ classes that encapsulate the
firebird API. SQLAPI and IBPP are both of very good quality.


--- In, Doug Chamberlin
<yahoogroups@a...> wrote:
> I am about to jump from Windows to Linux with a test server
installation. I
> have total freedom to pick a Linux distro to start with but I need help
> deciding which to choose.
> Unfortunately the two apps I definitely want to run on this machine are
> Firebird and Kylix. I understand they have conflicting requirements
in the
> sets of distros they work on but I need to solve this problem at some
> point. (If I have to I'll start with Firebird and then make changes
to get
> Kylix working.)
> Any guidance on what is a good Linux version to use with either
Firebird or
> Kylix would be appreciated.

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