Subject Re: [firebird-support] Newbie Question: Is Firebird SQL really this weird or am I missing something?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:14 PM 11/07/2003 +0100, Nick Upson wrote:

>SQL> insert into test (id, name) values (1,"Item1");
>this works fine as is

This was the exception reported:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -206
Dynamic SQL Error
-SQL error code = -206
-Column unknown
-At line 1, column 23.

At this point the parser was still evaluating the input data. It hadn't
gotten around to the identifiers yet. This actual exception refers to the
double-quoted string data. **** Strings must be in single quotes. ****

> if you do use quoted variables you have to use them
>all the time, in this case your table used a field called "name" and the
>insert should have referred to that as well

is perfectly correct. :-))

Ian, if you think this is all a crock, complain to the SQL standards committee.

Something to watch for, if you want to evaluate the various GUI admin tool
offerings available: most of these tools give you a global option to use
or not use quoted identifiers automatically. A few of them make quoting
identifiers the default. Once you define objects with quoted identifiers,
you are stuck with them.