Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re[2]: OT: Survey about database corruption (for portuguese speakers only)
Author Ann Harrison
Yang Jin wrote:

>I am sorry to say that Database had been corrupted by using Firebird- this problem can be avoid by using the Firebird- or other version?
I listed the three classic ways to corrupt a database. As long as
software has bugs, there will be places where those bugs do damage. My
recollection is that the change went into Firebird just as V1.0 was
being released, so you should have it, though upgrading to 1.0.3 is also
a good idea in general.

>Other question:There are some phrase like "Page 3434 is an orphan" in Interbase.log.What means this?Why have this log?
>I use the Firebird-
That is a benign error and indicates that a page was marked as in use on
a space management page and not actually used in the database. That
happens if the server dies while allocating or releasing pages. It
indicates wasted space but won't affect the integrity of the database.