Subject Re: [firebird-support] [firebird support] External exception E06D7363 ctd.
Author Simon
Thanks for the response - please see my comments next to your q's.

I have tried using Firebird 1 and 1.003 with the same results.

> I think you need to explain more with special reference to:

> 1. 2 datasets Vs all queries

The datasets are created from TQuery components in Delphi. I do not use TIBQuery as my app attempts to treat all databases equally.
Each TQuery has an associated TDataSource and a TUpdateSQL component and is linked to a TDatabase. The TDataSources are needed for data aware controls such as grids and lookup combos. The TQueries fetch data based on select statements and the TUpdateSQLs handle updates, inserts and deletions.

> 2. TDatabase via ODBC - how do you make this happen? Is this TDatabase of
> IBX components? in Delphi? in C++Builder?

TDatabase in Delphi - its AliasName is set to an ODBC DSN so that it connects through ODBC.

> 3. What ODBC driver?

It uses the IBPhoenix ODBC Driver.

> 4. TDatabase does not need ODBC - so ?????

My app uses MSSQL and Firebird, I do not want to use completely different connection methods for each if possible. The MSSQL database can be local or remote as could the Firebird database.

Apologies if my original post was too broad - I am new to this newsgroup.

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