Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Getting IBServer to release memory
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:26 PM 10/07/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I know that the update of a large number of records is not ideal.
>Unfortunately we have a user who likes to update once a month and so
>this situation arises.
>What I really want to know is if the behaviour of ibserver in terms
>of not releasing memory is 'normal' and whether anything can be done
>to release the memory back to the OS, other than stopping and
>restarting the service.

Alan and Svein have already told you what to do.
Instead of
start transaction
for 1 million rows do
update a row
move foward
commit transaction

Do this in a procedure:

declare counter
while not end of table do
set counter to 0
start transaction
while counter < 10000 do
update a row
move forward
set counter = counter + 1
retrieve key of next row
commit the transaction

This way, PROVIDED you don't use Commit with Retain, the obsolete back
versions will become uninteresting and they will get deleted from disk and
db cache next time the garbage collector goes around. This will save up to
90% of cache growth, as well as free up page space on disk.

>Is this perhaps a Windows issue and might be
>solved by moving the database onto a Linux server?

Inhibiting garbage collection is a "multi-generational architecture" issue
that affects performance on all platforms.

However, if you are using asynchronous writes, it IS a Windoze issue and,
pre-1.5, you have no option but to shut down the server service in order to
make Windows flush the filesystem cache.

From 1.5 onward, you will be able to make a config setting that forces
Windoze to flush the f/s cache while the server is running, and also
controls the frequency of the flushes...the default is to let it continue
misbehaving the way it always did.

If you MUST use asynch writes NOW, then moving to Linux will cure this
particular problem. Mind you, there are lots of other good reasons for
running your dbserver on Linux.

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