Subject Re: Bind Variables and Performance
Author Bernard Devlin
I don't use Delphi, so I'm trying to understand how this might apply to passing SQL from other applications. I'm sure what you have said is useful to the Delphi programmers though.

Can you explain how I would e.g. parameterize a query using ODBC? Can I parameterize a SQL insert statement using ODBC? And can I parameterize a call to a stored procedure using ODBC? This might be the simplest way for me to get my head round it.

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> well...SPs can speed things up if you are performing tasks that would
> otherwise involve a lot of server traffic. The *thing* about
> parameterising the actual SQL statement (be it a direct DML or SELECT, or
> an EXECUTE PROCEDURE) is that it enables you to keep the statement prepared
> for multiple calls. Calling a stored procedure is no different to any
> other DSQL statement in this respect. You need to "parameterise" the input
> arguments