Subject [firebird-support] Re: Getting IBServer to release memory
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
I think he means committing for every record. What confused me, was that
you wrote "to update fairly large volumes of transactions..."

In general, I think it is wise to try to commit for approximately every
10000 rows inserted/updated/deleted when doing batch processing, unless it
is doing something that has to be either fully committed or fully rolled
back. This may or may not be a solution in your particular case. Another
thing that occationally is recommended, is doing things in small chuncks
rather than one big chunk - i.e. run a procedure every ten minutes to
update the last ten minutes of activity rather than run the procedure once
a week to update the entire week. Again, this may or may not be relevant in
your case.


At 08:30 10.07.2003 +0000, you wrote:
>We update all the records and then do a commit. I am not sure what
>you mean by 'incremental commit', could you explain?
>Thanks in advance :-)
>--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > does your fairly large volume update use incremental commit? or
>does it
> > update thousands of records before committing?
> > Alan
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> > > One of our users running Firebird 1.0 Classic on Windows 2003
> > > has occasions where they perform a procedure which seems to cause
> > > IBserver to use large quantities of memory. We have checked the
> > > application using Memproof and there are no open transactions or
> > > memory leaks.
> > > Our app is written using Delphi 7 and we are using the TIBSQL
> > > component to update fairly large volumes of transactions in this
> > > particular function.