Subject Re: Installing FB 1.5 RC3 on RedHat
Author rjschappe
Thanks Gary!!!!!

For some reason Yahoo did not thread this reply so I did not see it
until today... but this is what I need!

Now I just need to upgrade to a newer version of RedHat!!!

Many thanks,

> Hi there
> If you've downloaded the rpm, you can install it by doing (as root):
> # rpm -Uvh FirebirdCS-
> The sysdba password will be written to the file
> "/usr/local/firebird/SYSDBA.password".
> (I think).
> To use isql, etc. you need to set the environment variables
> ISC_PASSWORD. If you're using bash you can do something like this:
> $ export ISC_USER="SYSDBA"
> Hope this helps
> Kind regards
> Gary