Subject Unicode_FSS internals (was Re: Unique Index with Unicode_FSS)
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Helen, All,

--- In, Helen Borrie wrote:
> 3 bytes per char

This reminds me to ask about the dirty details

Am I right in assuming, that this is UTF-8?

But, for rechnical reasons, Firebird will always
allocate everything (indices, wire data, storage, ...)
as if each character alwyas takes three bytes, in contrast
to UTF-8 as designed, which uses a variable number of

So all advantages of UTF-8 are gone?

What about a character set UTF-16BE instead?

As I understand there are internal reasons for not
supporting 'wide character' character representations -
but you can define UTF-16BE as a rather strange MB character
set, which happens to use always 2 bytes per character.

Peter Jacobi