Subject Re: fbudf under linux
Author Fabrice Aeschbacher

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> So - to be clear - you only have the problem on one machine?

To be clear:

- Using firebird_CS_1.0.3/linux, I can load UDFs from, but
not from (even after having renamed it, and
verified that the DECLAREs are coherent with filenames)

- Using firebird_CS_1.5/linux, I can load UDFs from both and (this was tested on another computer)

(The tries above were both done with the and files
which come with FB1.5, as you suggested).

> >FB 1.5 comes with 2 udf libs: and
> Frank S-G thinks the misnaming of as is probably
a typo.
> So you can fix it (to comply with the declaration in fbudf.sql) with a
> symlink inside the ../UDF directory:
> ln -s
> heLen

It still does not work. But don't worry about it, I found another
solution - using just UDFs from

Thanks for your help,